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How to Stay Safe During the School Year

With back-to-school season in full swing, you may be considering allowing your child to stay home alone after class, which can be more convenient and economically feasible than an after school program for parents that work away from home.


Parents often wonder what the “right” age is to leave children alone, and there is no clear-cut answer. In fact, the majority of states (including New York) do not have laws stipulating at what age a child can be left unsupervised. The appropriate age varies based on the individual child’s level of maturity.

Is your child old enough ?

To evaluate whether your child is ready, there are a few things you should ask yourself the following questions :

    • Does your child already demonstrate personal responsibility with things like homework and chores?
    • Does he display good judgment in unexpected situations?

If you believe your child is prepared, set up a trial run and let your child stay home while you run a quick errand nearby. Continue practicing with longer periods away until you both feel comfortable. Once you are ready for the real thing, sit down with your child and set some guidelines. Consider establishing ground rules about:

    • Opening the door to strangers
    • Checking in with you
    • Having friends over
    • Completing chores
    • Doing homework
    • TV and computer time limits
    • Answering the phone

Hope for the best but always prepare for the worst

After going over your expectations, give your child a list of people they can contact if you are unavailable. Review basic safety precautions like locking doors and activating your home security system. You should also discuss procedures for emergency situations; make sure your child knows how to dial 911, prepare for severe weather, and react in the event of a fire.

Before you leave, set aside healthy snacks that your child can have if he gets hungry before dinner.  You should also put harmful things like medications, weapons, tobacco, and alcohol out of reach. Remember that however responsible and trustworthy your child is, unnecessary temptation can lead to lead to trouble.

Be cautious about leaving your child home for extended periods; even the most independent children can get lonely if they spend long hours by themselves. Ask a neighbor or family friend to drop in on your child if you know you are going to be working late.

While leaving children alone can be a source of anxiety for some parents, it can give children a sense of responsibility and teach them to take care of themselves.

If you are still having questions about leaving your child, let Slomin's advanced home security system allow you remotely keep an eye on your children while you’re at work.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Security System

The Slomin’s Shield home security system provides one of the most valuable things you can buy: peace of mind. Knowing that your family, pets, and home is safeguarded 24/7/365 is invaluable. Your system is connected to our in-house central monitoring station, staffed with highly trained respondents who will notify you and the authorities of unauthorized access.


The advanced Slomin’s Shield system not only supports traditional security devices, such as pet-friendly motion detectors and door and window sensors, but it also includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, flood sensors, glass break detectors, and more. Thus, you will be alerted to burglars, fire and smoke, dangerous carbon monoxide levels, and floods.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Slomin’s Shield system:

  • Remote control app—the MyShield app for iOS and Android allows you to remotely control your system. You can do everything from viewing live video camera footage to arming and disarming your system, or set up scenes for which home automation devices interact with security devices.

  • Home automation—the state-of-the-art Slomin’s Shield system has built-in home automation capabilities. With the same touchscreen panel used for the security system, you can turn your home into a smart home. Remotely turn on the lights, change the temperature from your bedroom, lock the door from your car, and more.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors (CO detectors)—carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, but with our advanced carbon monoxide detectors, we can warn you when the CO levels in your home become dangerous. Did you know that some experts believe that ghost sightings were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning from leaky furnaces?

  • Video cameras—Slomin’s offers a wide array of video surveillance options, from pan-tilt-zoom cameras to low-light, outdoor cameras to DVR systems. Camera footage can be easily viewed through an app or the website.

  • Text alerts—receive a notification whenever a change is made to the system, such as when your child returns home from school and disarms the system or when guests leave and arm the system. You can set up custom access codes, so you always know who is coming and going.

  • Correct information on file—since we contact you when your alarm goes off, it is crucial that you have the correct information on file. If you recently changed phone numbers, updated your email address, or want to add another contact person, please let us know!

  • Visibly displayed lawn signs and window decals—with owning a Slomin’s Shield system, you’ll receive the option of displaying our lawn signs and window decals, this keeps burglars from thinking your house is an easy target.

We can customize a Slomin’s Shield system just for you, call 1-800-811-0043 to discover why thousands already trust us to safeguard what matters to them most. We are available 24/7/365 to take your calls!