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Why Commercial Security Systems Are Essential For Protecting Your Business

Protect Your Business With a Commercial Security System 

According to the FBIthere are an estimated 6.9 million property crime offenses in the US each yearwith annual losses estimated at $15.8 billion. 

Your business iyour success storyIt highlights what you’ve worked hard for, invested a lot in, and built-up overtime so that its success and reputation are the best they can be.  With that being said, it’s a logical next step to consider implementing (or upgrading) to commercial security system that will fully protect your company and its assets.  

Installing a professional business system is one of the best things you can do to protect your company over time and have peace of mind knowing all avenues are accounted for.  The following are some of the many benefits provided by a commercial security system: 

24/7 Monitoring for Immediate Response 

In the event of an emergency at your business location, the Slomin’s Shield alarm system instantly alerts our central monitoring station.  When it does, our team contacts the business/property owner and local authorities who will respond to the matter as quickly as possible. 

Deter Burglars on the Spot 

Thieves prefer easy targets. Well-placed signs and window decals will notify patrons of active security systems on the property which can scare unwarranted intruders away from your business.  

Lowered Risk of Vandalism 

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, a single incident of vandalism costs a few thousand dollars on average for business owners. Conspicuously placed cameras have proven to reduce threats of violence and vandalism at businesses dramatically. 

Fire Safety & Damage Protection 

From faulty wiring and human error inside your building, to equipment malfunctioning outside or in warehouses, fires can stem from practically anywhere.  Commercial firprotection helps to keep potential damage at a bare minimum so that 1you’re not burdened with expenses and 2) your business doesn’t suffer from the long-term consequences of fire damage—something that can easily shut down companies even if they have business insurance.  

Customized Security Integration 

One of the larger benefits of a professional security system is that it can be customized to a much greater degree than a standard home system. Rather than a limited set of functionality options, commercial systems have a wide range of innovative features that can be configured and executed to provide your business and employees with safety and security. 

Camera Surveillance & Remote Viewing 

From burglaries and theft to improved personal safety for employees, camera surveillance systems let you to monitor all activity taking place within and around your building directly from your mobile device, whether you’re at the office or not Additionally, remote camera surveillance helps to optimize workflows and productivity by offering a birds eye view so you can monitor any areas for improvement. 

Building Access Control  

Monitoring access tyour building is best done and optimized with a commercial security system Card control features allow different permissions for each employee to enter and exit the building and makes it easier for employers to disable card access following a termination

Time & Attendance Tracking 

Card control features also have in-and-out tracking for each person entering and exiting the building.  With that, the security system automatically keeps track of employees total hours worked—saving supervisors a ton of time and effort otherwise spent manually calculating it themselves Lastly, time and attendance tracking can prove to be invaluable in the case of a fire, as the in/out reader will automatically let you know if anyone is left in the building in the event of an emergency.

The Slomin’s Shield is the Ultimate Business Security Solution 

Slomin’s offers a full range of security solutions to protect every part of your businessFrom employesafety, video surveillance, theft prevention, and more  Slomin’s has it all and monitors everything with our 24-hour central station monitoring service.  For more information on business security systems give us a call at 1-800-252-7663.