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Can my referral credit be transferred to another Slomin’s bill or customer?
No. Any Slomin's credit referrals can not be transferred to another bill or customer and can not be refunded back to you.
What happens when I submit a payment that’s more than the monthly amount to My Account?
Payments to your account that exceed the charged amount will apply the remaining credit to your next invoice. If you'd prefer otherwise, you can request to have the money difference be refunded to you instead.
Can I change my billing date?
You can manage your account billing details, view available budgeting options, and more directly through the MySlomins account portal[LINK]. You can also contact Customer Service[LINK] to discuss your bill along with any other payment-related inquires.
How do I pay my bill? What forms of payment do you accept?
You can set up automatic billing or make payments though your MySlomins[LINK] account portal. You can also view your current balance and billing history and update any payment information. Visit My Account at[LINK] to manage billing online. If you would like to mail a payment, please send it to: Slomin’s 125 Lauman Lane Hicksville, NY 11801 To make a payment over the phone, please call 1-800-252-7663


How long does a cooling installation take?
AC Cooling installations typically take anywhere from 8-20 hours, or 2 days on average. It's also important to note factors like the size of your home, equipment type, and purchase specifics that'll determine exactly how long the install will take. Most cooling installations are complete within 2 days.


How long does a heating installation take?
Heating installations typically take 4-8 hours. It's also important to note factors like the size of your home, equipment type, and purchase specifics that'll determine exactly how long the install will take. Most heating installations are complete within 1 day.

Home security

How much will I be charged for a service call?
With most calls accounted for under our service plans[LINK], it's important to reference your own in order to see exactly what is and isn't covered. If you choose to opt out of a Slomin's service plan, you'll be billed for the time and materials used during the call.
Where can I find a copy of my alarm system owner’s manual?
You can review a copy of your systems manual by logging into your MySlomins account portal.
How can I test my alarm?
Instructions to test your alarm can be found on your MySlomins[LINK] account portal. Log in and put your account on test mode, then follow the steps to send a test signal to Slomin's Central Monitoring Station. You can also call our Customer Service[link] team and they'll be happy to assist with instructing you through the process.
How do I fix my systems wireless connection?
While at times the user (you) can diagnose and fix a connections issue, it's likely we'd need to send a tech service representative over to your location. Please contact Customer Service.
There is a “low battery” display on my keypad.
A low battery display on your keypad indicates just that. There are several possible reasons why this may be: - There is no active power to your alarm panel. See “I have no power to the system” if this is the case. - The battery is recharging after a recent power failure. Allow a 24 hour period for the battery to fully recharge. - Your battery is old and needs to be replaced. If this is the case, you can purchase a replacement battery from Slomin’s for $25. We will mail it to you with installation instructions. You can also request a service call and have a Slomin’s technician replace it. If you choose this option, you will be charged for time and materials. Finally, you can call for the battery’s specifications and purchase a replacement battery from a retail store. - Your pets are setting off the motion detector. The average pet alley is set for four (4) feet up from the floor. If you need a higher pet alley, then a service call by a Slomin's technician is required.
I have a pet, can I use the motion detector?
Yes. Our motion detectors contain several options to avoid and control sensor sensitivity so that your pets can wander freely throughout the home--all of which you can discuss in further detail with any Slomin's technician. Detectors typically allow for pets up to 30 lbs. and for larger animals, pet alleys can also be set up.
I have a dog. Why do I need an alarm system?
While a dog can protect you when you're home, it takes a Slomin’s Shield home security system to safeguard your pup for when you aren’t. Unfortunately, burglars are ruthless and often willing to harm whatever's standing in their way of gaining access to your home. In the event of a house fire, Slomin’s fire protection offers immediate response to your signal in order to help protect your pets at home. Like our burglary protection, Slomin's fire safety and other protection services are all connected to our central monitoring station, allowing us to contact you immediately and respond effectively if something goes wrong.
Why is my smoke detector beeping/chirping?
Only Slomin's hardwired smoke detectors will beep/chirp, indicating that your device's battery is low. When it does, simply twist the bottom to open your device and replace the batteries with new ones. Any other smoke detectors DO NOT "beep or chirp". Perhaps you have an old battery powered smoke detector that is not part of your Slomin's alarm system and its battery is running low. If you have a wireless Slomin's smoke detector and the battery is running low, your touchscreen keypad will display a "low battery" light.
What if I move?
With Slomin’s servicing many different locations throughout the United States, we've devised several options to accommodate for when customers move to a new home. If you're planning to relocate, here's what you can do: - Bring the equipment from your existing home into your new home, and continue the same agreement with Slomin’s to monitor the system. If you are not capable of installing the system in your new home, we'll send over a trained technician to do it for you at a minimal fee. - Leave your system behind for the new homeowners. In addition to providing or $395 Slomin’s will install a brand new system and continue the agreement to monitor the system. - Transfer your current agreement over to the incoming homeowner, then install a brand new system and new agreement to your next place, for free. Please be advised that in some cases due to location, there may be additional required fees depending on the new municipality that you live in."
I didn’t know I signed up for a 5-year contract. Now what?
Whether its with Slomin’s or any other company/individual, it's extremely important to make sure you fully read and understand the agreement of which you're signing for. Slomin’s rewards a $1,145.00 home security system - free of charge - to customers who sign up for five years of central monitoring. If you break your end of the contract, Slomin’s has no way of compensating for the loss on equipment. In essence, if you sign a contract then decide that you no longer wish to protect your home with central monitoring, you remain accountable for the outstanding balance listed on your contract.
What if I can’t stay for the entire installation?
While staying for the entire installation isn't mandatory, its best that you're around once the mehanic finishes so they can show you how to properly use the system. All of our installers are licensed, background checked, drug tested and thoroughly trained. They'll respect your belongings and treat your home as they would their own.
How long does an installation take?
Our basic alarm system installations typically take 3-4 hours. It's also important to note additional factors such as the size of your home, equipment type, and purchase specifics will determine exactly how long the install will take. Most of our alarm system installations are complete within 1 day.
Who do I call if I need assistance with my alarm system?
Please call our office at 1-800-ALARM-ME for all alarm system-related assistance, inquiries, or if you're concerned with a technician's status. We are always happy to help you.
My display says there is “no power to the system.
There are a few reasons as to why your display is telling you this: - Does your house have power? If not, your system will continue to operate on battery back-up until it runs out. Once power is restored in the home, the battery will recharge automatically. - If your house does have power yet your keypad still indicates this, check if the alarm panel transformer is unplugged. If so, plug it in. - If the alarm panel transformer is plugged in, check further to see if there's any power coming from the transformer outlet itself. To test this, plug another appliance into the transformer outlet and see if it works. If the outlet has no power, check the appropriate circuit breaker or fuse that the outlet is connected to. - If the outlet has power: you’ll need to schedule a service call from a Slomin’s technician. - If the breaker or fuse is working: you’ll need to call a Slomin’s technician to service it. - If the breaker or fuse is defective: you’ll need to call an electrician."
There is someone in the house that is deaf, how will they know if the alarm is going off? How can they communicate with central station?
The Slomin's Shield security system includes alarm sirens with strobe light-styled virtual notification settings for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf, Blind, or have speech disabilities. Additionally, our central monitoring station offers Telecommunications Relay Services (TTY/TRS) for those who wish to communicate with a hearing person who uses a standard telephone.
Is there a penalty for false alarms?
We won't penalty you for any false alarms, and central monitoring station will always call and require your verified passode before dispatching any authorities. However, we cannot speak for how your area's local officials and businesses will respond.
How long is the warranty?
In the event that any part of your security equipment becomes defective, our services come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty with opportunity to extend. Effective on the date of installation, Slomin's agrees to make all repairs and replacement of parts during this time without cost to the subscriber.
Can systems be installed on Saturday?
Slomin's professional installers and technicians are available for you when you need them, 7 days a week.
Can I view the cameras off site?
Yes. The MySlomin's App showcases all of your home camera's live-stream activity from anywhere with internet connection to providide direct, hassle-free access from your mobile device or tablet.
Do the cameras see in the dark?
Yes - all of our cameras use ambient light functionality to deliver a clear image, day and night.
Do the cameras record?
Yes. All of our indoor and outdoor HD cameras feature 24/7 video recording functionality; with up to 5 days on-board video storage and 15 days cloud storage. Events are typically captured in 15-30 second video clips depending on motion, all of which can be downloaded.
Can you takeover my existing alarm?
Our home security specialists will fully examine you existing alarm system during your free at-home consultation. In most cases, we can have your current system adapt to ours.
Can I operate the alarm system from my phone and can I know when someone turns the system on or off?
Yes. With the MySlomin's App for Apple and Android, you can operate and manage your system devices from virtually anywhere with internet connection directly from your mobile device or tablet.
Do you need to drill holes in my house to install the alarm system?
In order to properly install your system, Slomin's is authorized to make the necessary preparations such as drilling holes, driving nails, and making attachments.
Is the system wireless?
The Slomin's Shield® security system operates wirelessly via the control panel keypad[LINK], which is the one system device that's hard wired directly to a power source. As long as the control panel keypad has power, your entire system will run wirelessly and efficently.
I heard an ad on the radio, are you dropping off my free doorbell camera?
Please give us a call at 1-800-ALARM-ME to schedule an appointment and be sure to mention the ad while doing so. We'll honor it, and look forward to meeting you!
Do you monitor all the windows?
Our basic system arms up to 3 doors, providing the most comprehensive protection for your home. You can always speak to a Slomin's home security representative about additional features you may be interested in.
What equipment do I get in the free system?
The Slomin's Shield® home security system includes: Panel and Keypad, 3 Door Motion Detectors, Battery Back-up, Yard Signs and Window Decals; all provided with a free in-home security review and professional installation.
Do I need a phone line in the house?
No. Slomin's uses wireless cellular connection to commuicate with our central monitoring station, so you don't need a landline phone to use your system.
What is the rate for monitoring?
Slomin's monitoring rates start at $33.95* per-month, with upgraded options always available.
What does it cost to cancel?
If you wish to discontinue your service, Slomin's requires that you pay 100% of your remaining balance. No additional cancelation fees or penalties will be charged to your account.
How long is the obligation?
Obligations run 5 years for homeowners and 3 years for tenant renters. Agreements are open-ended and can be customized to fit your needs.
Still need help?

If you can't find an answer to your question, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

1-866-756-6467 Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST