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Share your shield!

Caring about the safety and comfort of your friends,
family and colleagues has never been more rewarding!

Join the Slomin’s referral program to save

Step 1: Share your Slomin's experience

What Slomin’s benefits would your friends or colleagues appreciate most? Is it the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure alarm system? The mobile convenience of home automation? Or the mid-winter comfort of a heated house with reliable oil delivery?

Woman on phone sharing a Slomin's experience

Step 2: Refer a friend

Get started:

  1. Log into your MySlomins account portal.
  2. Select “Refer a Friend” above the red payment button.
  3. Fill out your Referral Bonus form and click “Submit”


Share your experience on social media and text or email your referral link to friends.

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Step 3: Confirm your referral for processing

Your referral processing can start as soon as the installation is finished. Please give us a call mentioning the new Slomin’s service account as a direct referral—full names included—and we’ll honor it.

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Step 4: Get your rewards

Once processed, we’ll take over from there and award your bonus credit directly into your Slomin’s account. Cha-ching!

Couple receiving referral credit on their bill
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Tyler was super sweet 😊 Thank you Dave 😊

by Josephine M Kennedy
5 Stars5 Stars icon

As a customer for twenty-five plus years, we needed a system upgrade and a ring doorbell. The technician was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He did not rush the job and explained everything at the end. I would highly recommend Slomin’s for all your security needs!

by Elyse I.
5 Stars5 Stars icon


by Deosarran Ganesh
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Installers were excellent, went above & beyond!!

by Chris Caputo
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Everything was done as ordered. Technician was polite and professional.

by Peter Dilemme
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Tech Tyler was professional,courteous and knowledgeable. He walked me thru my new equipment. I am very pleased with new features using my cell rather than my land line. Consultant Sean Mackenzie was very helpful outline the new upgrade benefits.

by Eileen Burke
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Rich was here at 9am and left after 5pm. He did a great job on installing each cameras as there were challenges! He was curious and after a long day took as much time as we needed to explain everything he installed and the. Slomin online application.

by William Mellet
5 Stars5 Stars icon

The technician Ray was great explained the whole process while he was installing seemed very knowledgeable and took pride in his job.

by Khalid Muhammad
5 Stars5 Stars icon

My tech was wonderful he took his time to explain everything …and even thought the kids how to use the system… very professional.

by Nellisa Keene
5 Stars5 Stars icon

Wonderful Experience!

by Helen Tsucalas