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Share your shield!

Caring about the safety and comfort of your friends,
family and colleagues has never been more rewarding!

Join the Slomin’s referral program to save

Step 1: Share your Slomin's experience

What Slomin’s benefits would your friends or colleagues appreciate most? Is it the peace of mind that comes with a safe and secure alarm system? The mobile convenience of home automation? Or the mid-winter comfort of a heated house with reliable oil delivery?

Woman on phone sharing a Slomin's experience

Step 2: Refer a friend

Get started:

  1. Log into your MySlomins account portal.
  2. Select “Refer a Friend” above the red payment button.
  3. Fill out your Referral Bonus form and click “Submit”


Share your experience on social media and text or email your referral link to friends.

Friend referring another friend to Slomin's

Step 3: Confirm your referral for processing

Your referral processing can start as soon as the installation is finished. Please give us a call mentioning the new Slomin’s service account as a direct referral—full names included—and we’ll honor it.

woman calling on cell to confirm a referral for processing

Step 4: Get your rewards

Once processed, we’ll take over from there and award your bonus credit directly into your Slomin’s account. Cha-ching!

Couple receiving referral credit on their bill

The technician was knowledgeable and very nice and efficient. I think the prices are Good. I have never had an issue with Slomin.

by Shelley

Good service Very helpful

by Pius John

Technician went above and beyond to ensure our cameras and alarm worked perfectly.

by Juan Mojica

Tech was professional, knowledgeable and personable. He respected my home and worked quickly and efficiently. Thank you

by Diana A Pires

The field technicians were experienced, helpful and polite. They were very professional and knowledgeable and answered all my questions with great detail and patience.

by George Gundlach

Superior Service Technician was also very professional

by Jacqueline Haltie

The gentleman took the time to show me how to use my Phone, to Activate and Deactivate my alarm system, by using my App.

by Shirley Bethea

Slomins have always been a reliable company. Their technicians are professionals. The folks that answers your calls are knowledgeable and professionals as well. They all have a knowledgeable perspective. I would know, they have been protecting our family for years. They know their stuff, and are wo...

by Wayne U.

Installer was polite and friendly. He cleaned up all his boxes and equipment before leaving. My house was in great shape after he left. He helped up to download our apps that are needed and explained how to use them. (I hope I can remember what he said.)

by Rita

Tech did a fantastic job replacing the old keypad and checking all zones for proper operation. Was very neat and used a drop cloth in the work area, wore protective booties to keep all flooring in my home clean. Finally he also explained the basics of how the new keypad works for arming and disarmin...

by James Barry