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Interact with your
home security system

The mySlomin’s app elevates security to a whole new level of convenience.

Indoor camera

Observe activity in your home with live-stream video in high definition.

Outdoor camera

View your property with surveillance video from a weather-resistant outdoor cameras.

Doorbell camera

Track visitors, packages, and activities at your door.

Pan and tilt camera

Scan a perimeter, tilt to different angles and zoom for a more advanced picture.

Indoor camera
Outdoor camera
Doorbell camera
Pan and tilt camera

Arm or disarm your home security system

If for any reason you need to remotely activate or deactivate your security alarm, the mySlomin’s app provides easy access to your security system. All you need is an internet connection.

slomins app on customers phone

Home security at your fingers.

The mySlomin’s app for iOS & Android provides mobile control of your security system.

Remotely arm/disarm your security system
Live stream from all your cameras
Manage every aspect of your security system

Compatible with Apple & Android Devices

App Store
Google Play
slomins app arm/disarm screenshot