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Spring Cleaning Tips to
Improve Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality & Your HVAC

Spring is finally here and the weather is warmer. The days are getting longer, sunshine is stronger—and the pollen is literally everywhere.  For the estimated 50-million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, Spring can be an unpleasant time of year.  Fortunately, incorporating simple maintenance into your cleaning routine can drastically improve indoor air quality and keep pesky allergens at bay.

If you or a loved one suffers from seasonal allergies, here are some Spring cleaning tips to improve indoor air quality at home:

Change your air filters.

If you use central air conditioning, you already have an entire home air filtration system at your disposal.  While most units already have filters in place, it’s extremely important to change them regularly to maintain healthy air quality.

Changing your air filters (every 3-4 months is recommended) prevents debris buildup to improve ventilation flow and alleviate allergy symptoms.   It also helps preserve your heating and cooling systems from future malfunctioning.

Add more plants.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, people spend an estimated 90% of their time indoors, where air quality can be two to five-times more polluted compared to outdoor air.   Houseplants (in addition to sprucing up any interior) provide an all-natural purification system to improve indoor air quality thanks to photosynthesis.  Simply put: more house plants = more purified, healthy air flow that filters out pollutants and allergens.

House plants and groomed dog

Groom your pets regularly.

Our furry friends are both therapeutic and rewarding, even if they contribute to the airborne debris.  Improve indoor air quality and allergy symptoms by giving your 4-legged friends a regular grooming.  Depending on your pet’s fur, a frequent bath and brushing further helps to control shedding and dander.

If you’re a cat owner who keeps the litter box inside, cleaning it often goes a very long way along with all other surfaces they lounge on.


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    Clean your window & door screens.

    Finally opening up the house to clear the old, stale air left from winter is a springtime mood-booster for many. But if your doors and windows are accumulated with dirt and debris, this “fresh air” is essentially canceled out once the breeze pushes it straight from the screen and into the house.

    Cleaning your window and door screens helps eliminate outdoor pollutants from getting inside the home, into the air you breathe, and settling into air ducts and HVAC filters.

    HVAC maintenance

    Perform regular system maintenance.

    In addition to improved indoor air quality, regular HVAC maintenance helps optimize performance and longevity. It also helps avoid costly repairs, and lower your energy bill. Slomin’s HVAC service plans offer 3 budget-friendly options to choose from that cover ongoing system maintenance at affordable rates. 

    Upgrade your HVAC system.

    Having a fresh, comfortable home to retreat to is essential.  If your current HVAC system is older (~10 years or more), replacing it with an updated energy-efficient unit is an easy way to drastically improve to your indoor air quality. Other benefits of a modern HVAC unit include: 

    • Cheaper utility bills thanks to energy-efficiency. 
    • Increased property value.
    • A convenient smart thermostat incorporated into your home automation system. 
    • Professional installation and maintenance.
    • Less noise, more comfort.


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