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Keep your HVAC system
running efficiently

Extend the life of your central air conditioning system
with Slomin’s maintenance and repair plans.

Air conditioning maintenance is important

Regular maintenance boosts the efficiency of your central air conditioner, prevents extensive repairs, and lowers your energy costs. Slomin’s affordable AC service plans cover tune-ups and basic repairs. Choose from 3 service levels to suit your budget.

HVAC maintenance

5 key reasons to keep a maintenance schedule

1. Reduce energy consumption. Even simple forms of maintenance like replacing a dirty AC filter can boost efficiency by 5-15%

2. Stop humidity problems. Over time, your condensate line can get clogged and stop your air conditioner’s natural humidity reduction. This can lead to excess moisture in your home and damage to walls, carpet, and more.

3. Extend your air conditioner’s life. While your air conditioner’s model affects its life expectancy, the biggest indicator of lifespan is how well the system is maintained. Regular maintenance catches minor problems before they can get worse and lead to critical failure like compressor damage.

4. Improve reliability. An air conditioner that’s well maintained is an air conditioner that performs as expected without unexpected failure or issues like thermostat problems and short cycling. Schedule Air Conditioning Service.

5. Prevent repairs. Regular inspections and maintenance catches air conditioner problems before they get worse — and expensive. Our technicians check every component of your air conditioner to look for wear and tear, dirt accumulation, poor connections, and more.

HVAC filter replacement

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Service is great so far!

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Service crew was professional and experienced

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Very thorough work. Very easy to use. Would highly recommend!

by Suzanne J

Excellent service I was pleased with everything. The installation guy was a true professional. Couldn't be more pleased.

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Great service

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