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5 Benefits of Adding a Doorbell Camera to Your Home Security System

Doorbell Camera Benefits

Small in size and easy to use, doorbell cameras let you check and manage all front door activity whether you’re home or away. Installing a doorbell camera is an affordable way to make your life safer, smarter, and easier.  Learn why you should add a doorbell camera to your home security system.

1 – Deter Potential Thieves

Doorbell security cameras discourage potential criminals from breaking into your home. Having a visible camera at your front door makes it obvious that your home is under surveillance.

2 – Catch Criminals on Doorbell Camera Video

In the event your house gets broken into, doorbell security cameras can supply live HD video evidence.  Doorbell camera footage might help police catch burglars quick enough to recover your stolen items.  If recovering your items isn’t possible, video footage from your doorbell might be enough for your home insurance company to compensate you for the stolen items or any property damage.

3- Screen Visitors Before Answering the Door

Doorbell security cameras capture exactly who’s approaching the door. Screen for unwanted guests, strangers, or unsolicited sales representatives from your mobile device. Then decide whether it’s in your best interest to answer the door.

4- Protect and Track Your Packages

Smart doorbell cameras remove the guesswork from home deliveries and expose porch pirates. Most cameras can be customized to let you know once a delivery arrives.

5 – Peace of Mind While You’re Away

Reduce worrying about the security of your home while you’re awayDoorbell cameras give you access to recorded and real-time video footage from anywhere with an internet connection. This way, you get peace of mind and enjoy your vacation.

Invest in the Best with Slomin’s Home Security

Whether its tracking packages or knowing when there is movement at your doorstep, a professionally installed doorbell camera from Slomin’s upgrades your home security system. For more information on our services or how to get a free security system and doorbell camera, call us today at 1-800-252-7663.