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Welcome to Our New Website!

Our New Website is Finally Here.

Slomin’s is thrilled to announce the official launch of our newly-designed website:  

After months of hard workdedication and innovation from Slomin’s Digital and Marketing Teams, our website now houses a clean, modern design with optimized features and user-friendly navigation made for your convenience. 

As a family-owned business rooted in tradition for 90+ yearsSlomin’s remains dedicated to servicing the home and commercial needs of our customers and their communities.  Upholding these values over time is essential part of our business and mimics the main goal of this new website: tdeliver a simplistic browsing experience while providing the most useful, accurate information on how Slomin’s can help you feel comfortable and secure at your home or business.   

Here’s some highlights of the new website:

Optimized Homepage & Easy Navigation

In addition to giving a comprehensive overview oour services, the homepage serves as a digital front door” leading way to the rest of the site.  Now fully optimized, you can easily navigate through each page and find the information you need more intuitively and efficiently than ever before.  

Industry Insights via our Blog

Have you checked out the Slomin’s Blog?  Newly improved and re-designed, its where you’ll find all sortof informative content on everyday aspects of your home or business (like How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Security System).  From system maintenance and DIY checklists to expert how-to’s and troubleshooting hacks coming straight from the Slomin’s source, you’ll find it on the Blog with new posts every week.

Online Purchasing

One of the new site features we’re most excited about is the ability to now purchase a security system online.  Slomin’s is happy to accommodate online shopping and purchasing with secure checkout; directly through the site from virtually anywhere with internet access.  Don’t be shy, check out the checkout! 

Slomin’s for Business

Additionally, we’ve revised our Slomin’s for Business sector to detail up-to-date information on our full range of commercial services.  Browse the page to learn more about how we can help ensure the safety, security, comfort, and productivity of your workplace. 

Live Chat Functionality

Our live message feature lets you converse directly with a Slomin’s representative, in real time.  Try it out and live chat with us!

Expanding Our Digital Presence

From all of us here at Slomin’swe invite you to explore our new website with a fresh take and hope you’ll find the changes useful and easy to navigate. Lastly, we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know what you thinin the form of a comment, message, or by contacting us directly.