Your comfort is our business

As a leader in home heating oil, we work hard to keep our customers satisfied. Family-owned and operated for the past 90 years, Slomin’s continues to provide the highest level of care and attention to home heating oil services that our customers have enjoyed for generations.


Save money on home heating oil

Did you know you can save a significant amount of money each year on home heating oil by using Slomin’s? Offering affordable heating oil for you and your family, there is no better time to lock in a low rate than today! After all, your comfort is our business and it is our job to save you money without compromising quality. The efficiency of our operation allows us to offer fixed priced oil contracts that can save you money each year and spare you the hassle of paying cash upon delivery for every shipment.

Benefits of fixed price oil

When you lock in at a fixed price, we safeguard you from sudden jumps in commodity prices. Factors such as market conditions, supply and demand, weather trends and world affairs all affect the price of oil. We have no control over these circumstances, however we can help you save money by securing your rate for one year. When you sign a one year oil contract with us, we purchase all of your oil that day and deliver to you at your fixed price all year, regardless of how much the price of oil increases throughout the year. To help you manage your payments, especially during the colder months, we offer a budget plan that allows you to spread your heating costs throughout the course of the year.


Slomin’s efficient automatic delivery
means more savings for you!

Timely, reliable and efficient deliveries are the hallmark of our oil business. With our automatic delivery system, you’ll never need to worry about running dry in the middle of the winter and no one to deliver due to escalated demand. Say good-bye to the hassle of calling in for your next oil shipment – we’ve already scheduled it!

How does it work? We base our estimate on the size of your house, atmospheric conditions and your hot water source as factors to determine when we should deliver to your home. Our programmed mapping system also allows our large fleet of oil trucks to deliver as efficiently as possible. This means we save money which enables us to pass those savings on to you!


Our commitment to customers

When cold weather hits, the last thing you want to face is an empty oil tank with no chance of delivery due to skyrocketed demand. As your full-service oil company, we are committed to your comfort. This means that we not only program your particular heating needs into our system to ensure that you stay warm all season long, but we also make you our first priority if your burner breaks in the middle of the winter.

Schedule an appointment with an experienced heating representative to learn how you could save serious money this winter!