Year-long protection with central monitoring

Any alarm system can notify you of activity by sounding a siren, but only a connection to central station monitoring will provide significant assistance if you are not home. While your siren is likely to act as a slight deterrent to a burglar, there is not guarantee that your neighbors will hear the alarm or that they will call the police if they do. When you are connected to Slomin’s central monitoring, we will receive a signal whenever your alarm is triggered. We respond immediately by notifying you and the police.

The police are on their way long before your neighbors would be able to notify them, giving a burglar significantly less time to escape. If you happen to accidentally set off your alarm, don’t worry: when we call to notify you, we won’t send the police as long as you can provide us with the confidential password that only you know.


We've got you covered

Our central station monitoring protects you from theft, but we can help prevent damages from other emergencies as well. If you install fire protection, flooding protection, or temperature control, signals from these devices will also be transmitted to us. This allows us to help protect your home long before your neighbors see smoke, your basement fills with water, or your pipes freeze. Let us help you keep your family safe and your home secure.


A fully dedicated staff

Since we are committed to providing all of our own services, we monitor everything from our corporate headquarters. There’s no need to worry that a subcontracted home security company or dealer is monitoring your system; you can trust that our background-checked, licensed, drug-tested employees are keeping a careful eye on your home. You can also rest assured that we will respond to your home security system’s signal regardless of time or circumstances. The Slomin’s team is prepared to answer your call and respond accordingly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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