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How Does Home Oil Delivery Work?


Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or seeking an updated method for your fuel service—it’s important to understand what today’s industry can offer when deciding the most effective way to get the heating oil you need.

When it comes to how today’s companies provide oil to each of their customers, automatic delivery is a widely used practice.  However, consumers both old and new often consider the details of “automatic oil delivery” and if this modernized approach has advantages over more well-known, traditional methods:  paying for oil delivery on demand.

What is Automatic Oil Delivery?

Automatic oil delivery is a method used by oil companies that creates a customized delivery schedule that specifically adheres to your heating system and energy use.  This is done through indicating several factors like usage history, your home’s energy efficiency, burner quality and tank size, and accordance to weather conditions and seasonal changes.

Typically, by the first or second visit, we can determine exactly how much oil is being used and likely to be used in the future. With that, a customized delivery schedule is put into effect that not only adheres to the individual customer, but better aligns with your specific demands.

Along with providing a customized schedule to help you get the oil you need, automatic delivery has a few more benefits:

Eliminates Uncertainty

Oil usage typically rises during the colder months and tapers off leading into summer.  Aside from that, it can be quite difficult to accurately monitor your tank and conclude exactly how much oil you’re using.  A big plus of automatic oil delivery is eliminating the constant uncertainty of your tank levels resulting in you to having to place an order last-minute.  An automated system takes care of getting your oil delivered promptly to your home, exactly when you need it, without hassle.

Better Control of Your Budget

Homeowners throughout the U.S., especially the Northeast, often worry about economic uncertainties with oil such as fluctuating costs and jumps in commodity prices.  Automatic delivery puts you on a consistent schedule—one where you can better-predict your oil costs and how it pertains to your budget.  In fact, many customers find that by enrolling in automatic delivery with expected payments, they are much more able to budget themselves throughout the year.

Build a Relationship with Your Oil Company

It’s common for companies to silently deliver fuel to your home, leaving no evidence besides an invoice and a full oil tank.   However, there are other beneficial services an oil technician can perform when they visit your home to ensure your system is running properly, and overall safety is accounted for.

Peace of Mind

With all things accounted for, automatic oil delivery gives you peace of mind that comes with a scheduled, hassle-free delivery service you can rely on.

Home Heating Oil Delivery

Slomin’s automatic oil delivery guarantees you’ll never need to worry about running dry in the middle of the winter.  With timely, reliable, and affordable delivery services, you can count on us to keep your home warm all winter long.  For more information about Slomin’s home and commercial heating services, give us a call at 516-932-7000.