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5 Key Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

Is It Worth Investing In A Central A/C System? 

Not ready for yet another sweltering summer without air conditioning? We don’t blame you. Even with several window units, it’s likely not enough to keep your entire home comfortable and cool all season long. Tossing around the idea of upgrading to a central cooling system? Keep reading for five benefits of a central A/C system to help you decide if it’s a worthwhile investment: 

1 – Quick & Efficient Cooling 

If you’ve never had a central air conditioning system, you know how long it can take for a house to cool down after a long, hot summer day. Window and wall units will eventually bring down the interior temperature, but chances are, you’d prefer not to wait hours for this to happen 

With central air, the system works to keep your home at a set temperature all day and all night. This means a cool house whenever you need it! Simply set the desired temperature on your home’s thermostat and say goodbye to waiting hours to feel comfortable. 

2 – Minimal Noise 

Traditional air conditioners are noisy. Let’s face it, some are so loud they prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep and distract you from other daily tasks. Cental air systems run significantly quieter than window and wall units because the noisiest part of the system, the condenser unit, is located outside your home. 

3 – Lower Energy Bills 

In today’s day and age, you may already be controlling your lights or even your garage door from an app on your mobile device so why not also take more control over your home’s temperature? With a central cooling system, you can control the temperature of your home via a smart thermostat resulting in greater customization and lower energy bills. 

A smart thermostat gives you the capability to raise or lower your home’s temperature from just about any smart device. You can even tell your thermostat to start cooling your home before your expected arrival so that it’s perfectly chilled by the time you walk in the door. 

4 – Improved Aesthetics 

Aside from a few air vents, the majority of a central air conditioner’s components and equipment are located out-of-sight. Ductwork is typically located in the attic or in the back of closets and the air handling unit is also typically located in the attic or the basement, so there aren’t many pieces of equipment out in the open. Not only can this help improve the view from inside your home, it can even boost curb appeal, too! 

5 – Cleaner Indoor Air 

Indoor air quality is often overlooked and it’s not something that should be taken lightly. A central air conditioning system includes filters that work to remove indoor allergens and other airborne toxins and chemicals. Just think, they’re working hard to trap pollen, dust, mold spores and pet dander so remember to clean or replace the filter(s) at least once per cooling season. 

Central Air Conditioning Experts on Long Island 

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a modern, energy efficient air conditioning system? Enjoy better performance and reliability today with air conditioner installation from Slomin’s Inc. Give us a call today to request a free estimate for a new air conditioning system: 516-932-7000. 

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