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3 Reasons To Keep Using Oil To Heat Your Home


Did you know oil is the primary heating source for nearly 5.5 million American homes? This statistic from EIA shows there are plenty of good reasons to keep your current heating setup. See below to learn about some of the additional benefits of using oil to heat your home during the colder months of the year:

1 – Affordability

When it comes to home energy, affordability and pricing is usually top-of-mind. Although oil prices do fluctuate throughout the year depending on a number of factors, it’s generally just as affordable, if not more affordable than using other fuels as a source of heat. We offer delivery contracts that allow you to lock in at a fixed price for the entire year. This means if oil prices spike any time during the year, you simply will not be affected.

Additionally, you can increase your energy savings and lower your energy bills by upgrading to newer, more efficient heating equipment. This includes the furnace and its components as well as the thermostat. After all, a smart thermostat gives you much more control over your home’s temperature and comfort level compared to more traditional, manual models.

2 – Safety

We’ve all heard stories of homes and buildings that have exploded as a result of a natural gas leak. Unlike natural gas, oil is non-explosive even if it comes in contact with air. Similarly, a lit match or any other open flame is major hazard around propane. In most cases, if an open flame comes in contact with oil, the flame will go out.

Another important safety feature to consider with home heating oil, is that it poses much less of a health risk if the fumes or byproducts are inhaled. We should also mention the risk of carbon monoxide entering your home as a result of an oil-based heating system is slim to none.

3 – Reliability

With a natural gas heating system, you don’t have much control over the actual supply of fuel which can become an issue from time to time. With an oil system, tanks are installed on your property where you can easily monitor your own supply.

Better yet, when you become a Slomin’s Delivery Contract customer, you’ll receive the benefits of automatic deliveries. Say good-bye to the hassle of calling in for your next oil shipment – we’ve already scheduled it!

Home Heating Oil in Nassau & Suffolk County

At Slomin’s, heating oil delivery drivers are required to be licensed and pass a background check with Homeland Security due to the hazardous materials they’re trucking and their access to customers’ homes. With that said, you can rest assured knowing you’re dealing with true professionals who care about your home and your family. Give us a call today at 516-932-7000 to learn more about our home heating oil services.