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16 Activities To Do At Home


Whether you’re with family, by yourself, or have your own children running around, there are tons of ways to make the time go by a little faster (and enjoy yourself all the while). Here are some activities you can do to keep busy while staying safe at home:

Things To Do On Your Own:

  1. Many museums, zoos, and art galleries are available for virtual field trips; you can search them up online or start here at Monterey bay Aquarium.

  2. In-home workouts. Practice yoga and meditation, or do a whole hour of cardio, or if you need some guidance you can check out YouTube for helpful tips or a full series of workouts.

  3. Bring out your inner artist! Color, draw, paint, or try your hand at origami.

  4. Make some tea (or your drink of choice) and sit down with a good book.

  5. Practice calligraphy or learn to write with your non-dominate hand.

  6. Give your friends or family a call, or setup a group video chat so everyone can be “together” at the same time.

Things To Do With Friends:

  1. Group games: play board games or create your own fun games such as dots, tic-tac-toe or draw-to out of paper.

  2. Word games: start with a sentence (any sentence) and then go around to each person and have them add onto the story. Example: “There was a man with a blue hat…” (add a challenge by making it rhyme or keeping the story in iambic pentameter)

    You can also play “I’m going to the moon” – the first player names an object he or she is bringing to the moon (or wherever you would like to go) and the next person repeats that object and adds another one to the list. Players who make a mistake repeating the list are out.

    We also suggest 50 states and capitals – test each other’s knowledge! If you have access, print out a blank map and put your geography skills to work.

  3. Cook: get the family involved, give everyone a task and have a nice dinner together at the end of it all. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal where everyone played a part!

  4. Blind taste test: blindfold the contestants and see if they can guess what’s on their plate.

Things To Do With Your Family:

  1. Build a fort

  2. Tell funny or scary stories (inside the fort)

  3. Simon Says! “Simon says… clean the whole house” (just kidding)

  4. Print out multiplications tables and have them work their brain! Once they’re in the “learning zone” break out the home-assignments or switch over to coloring

  5. Stretch (this is good for parents too). Spread out on the floor and name the body parts as you stretch them, maybe add some meditative breathing if you’re doing this activity before bedtime

  6. Learn a new dance, act out a play, or make sock puppets

Home Security & Home Automation Specialists

We know staying home can be a burden, but these activities should help you pass the time in a more fun and enjoyable way. And remember, your home safety is our priority! When it comes to home security and home automation systems to keep yourself and your family safe, call on the experts at Slomin’s!