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The Slomin's Shield home security system can be fully customized & tailored to your needs. Perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, our security system offers full remote access through a smartphone or mobile device. Whether you are interested in securing the most vulnerable areas of your home or every floor of your house, we can design a package that will satisfy you. Packages can include motion detectors, glass break sensors, PTZ and live-action cameras, as well as standard protection for entryways, and all packages are built to provide the most comprehensive protection for your home. We can also protect your home or business from environmental hazards with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors, and more!

Since we offer a free basic system and installation, customers can save hundreds of dollars on equipment and install costs. In addition to our alarm system you will also enjoy saving up to 20% on their homeowners’ insurance premiums; after all, your insurance company knows that a better protected home puts you at a smaller risk.

In addition to residential security systems, we offer card access readers, attendance trackers, and many other options for our commercial customers. Stay in the know about after-hours activity with customizable access, multiple keypad user codes, and camera monitoring. Advanced but easy to use, the Slomin’s Shield is the best choice for your business’s protection.

The Trusted Provider of Services for Your Home.

*Must agree to a 5 year central station monitoring agreement.  This offer is for new residential customers only, renters program available. All sales are subject to credit approval.

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