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1 Touchscreen Keypad, 3 Door Contacts, 1 Motion Sensor, 1 Standard Indoor Camera, High Decibel Sounder, Mobile App Control, Battery Backup, Cellular Communication, Window Decals and Lawn Signs and Professional Installation.


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The Slomin’s Shield Home Automation System Devices

Mobile Phone not included.  Remote features available upon request.  Contact a Slomin's representative for more details

Home Automation On-the-Go

The MyShield website and app for iOS and Android allow you to control your smart home from your car, office, home and more!

Light Control

Light control modules allow you to remotely turn on and off your lights as well as dim bulbs.  Tired of getting out of bed to turn off the lights?  Our light control modules solve that problem.

Door Lock or Deadbolt

 Our Z-Wave door locks and deadbolts allow you to create custom access codes and have remote locking and unlocking functionalities.  They are great for when you have guests who need temporary access to your home.


Our programmable thermostats come pre-programmed with energy-saving settings.  Control the temperature of your home from your bed, office or even another country!

Appliance Control

Appliance control modules allow you to turn on your coffeemaker while still in bed, or turn off the iron while in a car. Never worry whether or not you left an appliance on again.

Garage Door Opener

Open the garage door to let guests in or close the garage door while sitting in the living room.