My Slomin's APP Experience


Interaction with your home security system has never been easier! Simply open the app on your mobile device to access your home security system wherever you are. The MySlomin's app allows you to arm and disarm your alarm regardless of your location, an ideal way to ease the kids’ transition home from school or ensure a hassle-free arrival after work. In addition, the app showcases all of your cameras in one handy place. View all activity in your home at once or enhance one image for a closer look at a specific camera’s image.

Remotely monitor your system and your home

The MySlomin's app gives you control of your home security system from wherever you are. Whether you want to check in while at the office or let relatives inside before you make it home, the app enables you to enjoy peace of mind throughout an ever-changing day. Enjoy remote monitoring from your smartphone or tablet when you install cameras with a wireless access point. Our cameras allow you to view your home from anywhere with Internet access.

  • View your home in beautiful, full-screen
  • Keep an eye on your kids and pets or just check in on your home while you’re away.
  • Night-view infrared illumination for viewing in low-light conditions.
  • Remote camera control: Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) fully supported. Turn and zoom the camera from your phone while you’re away.

View your premises remotely from your computer or mobile device

Our cameras allow you to view your home from anywhere with Internet access. To view a live stream of activity in your home, all you have to do is log into your My Shield account. If you have multiple cameras, you will be able to enhance the size of one camera’s image or view all of the images simultaneously.

Slomin’s offers three types of cameras to meet your viewing needs. Our standard camera sends live-stream video to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For outdoor viewing, consider having our weather-resistant camera installed on an outside wall or roof. If you are seeking more advanced interaction with your security system, our PTZ camera allows you to control your view by scanning a perimeter, tilting to different angles, and zooming in and out.

Secure your home...
even when you’re not in it

We get it, life can be crazy. Sometimes you forget to set the alarm when you’re rushing off to work. Sometimes the neighbors need to feed the cat. Sometimes the kids need immediate access after school. With remote arming capabilities from the Slomin's app, you can arm or disarm your home security system from the office or while on vacation in the Bahamas. All you need is access to the Internet.

The Slomin’s Shield® has brought home security to a whole new level of convenience and protection with our mobile device capabilities. When you use the Slomin's app, you can arm and disarm your alarm and keep an eye on your live-stream monitoring from your tablet or smartphone.

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