The Slomin's Shield is the Ultimate Business Security Solution

Slomin’s offers a full range of security solutions to protect every part of your business.  From employee access control and video surveillance to intruder detection and fire protection, Slomin’s has it all and monitors everything with our 24-hour central station monitoring service.

Burglary Protection

We offer a full line of burglary protection to keep your assets safe.  Best of all, our experienced security representatives can customize the system for you to ensure maximum protection from your business.  Whether you are looking for motion detectors, door alarms, a siren, or cellular back-up, you can depend on a system that will meet your company’s needs.

Fire Safety and Damage Prevention

As part of the security system, our smoke detectors are connected to our central station monitoring system so we can notify the fire department at the first possible second.  The same protection is available from the rest of our fire safety line, including heat detectors, pull stations, and sprinkler monitoring.  If waterside access or underground storage areas concern you, we can also install a water detector to keep your stored items safe.  And with a high/low temperature detector, we can monitor anything from pipes in an older building to the heat in a server room.  You can also ask an experienced security representative about our annual testing, another feature we offer to protect every tangible part of your business.

Camera Surveillance with Remote Viewing

Monitor activity in and around your building at all times with one of our remote viewing camera surveillance packages.  From an analog camera and DVR to an IP that gives you crystal-clear imaging, we offer the tools to keep your business secure.  And with our dynamic domain name service, you can keep a constant eye on the office through any web-enabled device.

Building Access Card Control

One of the best ways to monitor employee access is through card control.  By allowing different permissions for each employee, you can save yourself the hassle of a cumbersome key set.  Card access also makes access easier following a termination: rather than changing out locks and risking duplicated keys, you can simply disable a card.  Each month we can also send you an activity log of to keep record of your employees’ interactions with the alarm.

Time & Attendance Tracking

When you install in-readers and out-readers on your doors, your security system keeps track of employees’ time in and out, saving your supervisors precious time.  By tabulating employees’ work time, you will also save time on calculating end-of-week hours worked: the system can do it for you!  Time and attendance tracking can also prove invaluable in case of a fire as the in-reader and out-reader will tell you who is left in the building.

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