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Home Security Tips for Summer Traveling

Summer is the perfect time for relaxing and letting go of worries, but taking a casual approach to your home’s security could make your house a target for a burglar. Even something as simple as leaving a window unlocked for a night could lead to disaster.

Following a few basic home security tips can give you piece of mind so that you can enjoy your summer.

Remember to Lock Doors
When you’ve got neighborhood friends coming over for summer parties every other night, it’s easy to forget to close and lock your doors. Make a habit of checking your home’s entry points each night before you go to bed.

Check Your Windows
Opening a window is a good way to cool your house, but it does make it easier for an intruder to get in. Take care when leaving a window open during the night; you can stop an intruder from fully opening a window by placing a pipe in the window track.

Don’t Make Your Vacation Obvious
If you take a long summer trip, your absence may be obvious to potential burglars. Make your home appear occupied by employing a few home security tips, including setting timers for your lights and arranging for someone to collect your mail and newspaper.

Clear Away Hiding Spots
Overgrown shrubs near windows make good hiding spots for burglars attempting to get into your home. Take advantage of the pleasant summer weather to trim the hedges around your yard.

Give a Key to a Neighbor
Having a spare key on your property seems like a good idea, especially if you’re expecting a house guest to arrive while you’re out. Hiding a key under a rock, however, is a risky idea that may give an intruder an easy way inside. Instead, give your spare key to a trusted neighbor.

Make sure you have a Home Security System Setup
Having a home security system active while away for the summer brings peace of mind and remote capabilities to monitor your home while enjoying a swim.

Protect and view your home with advanced features like security cameras, central station monitoring and the ability to see your home from your computer, phone or tablet.

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Stay Cool this Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend from your friends at Slomin’s! Memorial Day marks the unofficial opening of summer and one thing we all know is that the temperature is about to heat up!

As a longtime innovator of affordable air conditioning here at Slomin’s, we would like to offer some tips to help say cool this holiday weekend and the rest of the summer – while not heating up your electric bill!

1.     Set your thermostat to the temperature you are most comfortable with. The difference between the outside and inside temperature, if small, can help reduce your overall bill. Try not and set the inside temperature that low.

2.     If you have a programmable thermostat, set it at higher temperature when you are not home and lower it only when you are home.

3.     Do not set the thermostat colder than normal when first turning on the central air system. Some think it will cool faster, but actually it will only cause excessive work and a higher bill.

4.      Schedule regular maintenance visits. Nobody understands the importance of prompt and reliable service better than Slomin’s. Our technicians are expertly trained to service all brands of cooling equipment. 

5.     Keep appliances like lamps, TVs, and computers away from the thermostat if possible. This can cause the thermostat to continue to run in an effort to cool your house down.

6.     Try to keep heat from coming into your house. Seal cracks and openings so that warm air doesn’t leak into your home.

Looking to cool down your home while being both cost and energy efficient? Slomin’s competitive prices and variety of payment plans which include up to three years of free financing, make Slomin’s central air conditioning the best value around.

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