Running Safety Tips: Tips for Staying Safe While Running

Running has become the daily physical activity of choice for millions. Treadmills will work in a pinch, but running outdoors is one of the prime selling points. However, running outdoors invites new risks. Every runner should take some time to learn valuable running safety tips.

Valuable Running Safety Tips

Running safety is a series of a simple habits that will help provide many more running years. Below you’ll learn the most effective running tips to help keep you healthy and alive:

  • Dress safely. When it comes to running safety attire, all you need to know is neon and reflective elements. Midday runs can forego the reflective elements, but any dawn/dusk runs should make use of them. Staying as visible as possible to cars, bicycles and motorcycles is the most important part of staying safe during your run.
  • Let someone know that you’re running. If you get injured while out on a jog, having someone informed about your whereabouts will be extremely helpful to first responders. You can leave a note for roommates and life partners, or send a text to a friend. Letting them know your general route and time frame for return may seem innocuous, but in a crisis situation this information may save your life.
  • Invest in self-defense training.Getting hit by a car is certainly the biggest concern, but being attacked is an unfortunate reality. Self-defense training will help prepare you for the possibility of an attacker interrupting your run. In fact, many people who learn self-defense or martial arts carry themselves more confidently, which dissuades attackers.
  • Try to find a running partner.Running solo should be considered a last resort. Having a running partner will dramatically improve the safety of both people. As a side bonus, you’ll also be able to hold each other accountable. If you can’t find a running partner, take your dog or borrow a friend’s dog!
  • Avoid headphones. Running without headphones might seem unnatural to many people, but the fact is that headphones greatly reduce your situational awareness. Your ears are an important element of staying alert during your run. Hearing is the only way to be warned of hazards behind you; don’t deprive yourself of this vital sense. Having one earbud in is an acceptable compromise, but having both in should be avoided.

You Can Stay Safe On Your Run

Each of the above safety tips will help you avoid danger. Once you’ve developed the habits, most of these running safety tips won’t even require conscious effort.

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