How to Prevent your Home from Package Theft

It seems like enough time has passed for that package you ordered to be delivered. When you call to inquire about it, they say that the item has been delivered. You are left scratching your head, paying for an item that arrived but has never crossed your threshold. Package thieves are on the rise according to major package delivery companies. They follow delivery trucks. Then they enter your yards, go onto porches and make off with anticipated deliveries and gifts. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind to help prevent your home from package theft.

Tips to Avoid Package Theft

Law enforcement officials every year suggest a number of tips that can be used to secure the safety of your packages.

Tip#1 – Signature Confirmation 

When ordering online, request a signature confirmation with the delivery. Packages can only be released to individuals and will not remain on a doorstep.

Tip#2 – Create a Delivery Agreement with Neighbors

Speak to your neighbors and work with them to watch out and secure each other’s packages. Call, text or email them when their packages have arrived and secure them per your agreement. Especially noteworthy times are around Black Friday, tax return season, birthdays and during gift-giving holidays such as Christmas. Let each other know of vacations and unusual schedules and keep watch for suspicious activity.

Tip#3 – Online Tracking

Set up your packages with online tracking. There are companies that send text notifications to cell phones upon delivery of intended packages. Tracking allows purchasers to know when packages have left the warehouse and meet route points along the way to the final destination.

Tip#4 – Alternative Address

Use an alternate address for delivery. Some employers allow deliveries to a workplace. Make sure to check for approval. Otherwise, speak with a trusted friend or family member that will be available to attend to the parcel and send the item to their address.

Tip#5 – Mail Person Instructions

If left with few options, leave specific instructions and have deliverymen leave the item on the side or at the rear of the house. Keep the item out of plain view. This will reduce temptation.

Consider a Home Security Camera

Package thieves are caught everyday with the use of home surveillance cameras. When used properly, a home security camera can even help deter thieves from ever attempting to take off with a package. The security camera can be integrated within your home security system.

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