How to Prepare Your House for Winter


Preparing for winter can be time-consuming, so it’s best to begin as soon as the weather begins to change. In order to prepare as comprehensively as possible, take a walk around your home and yard to see what needs to be done in each area.

Begin by checking your heating equipment. Your heating system should operate properly and ventilate to the outdoors; it should also be clean so that it does not produce toxins.

The best time to check your oil burner is between early Spring to October, when you don’t rely as heavily on it.

A full-service oil company like Slomin’s offers maintenance checks on your heating equipment to ensure that you are ready for the winter season. Of the major heating sources, oil provides the most efficient and environment-friendly way to heat your house.

When preparing for winter, you will also want to decide on an oil provider by locking in at a fixed price before prices jump in the heart of winter.

  1. Be sure that all vents are uncovered and ready for you to turn the heat on.
  2. Insulate your home remove any window air conditioning units
  3. Secure windows shut in case of a storm
  4. While the weather is still reasonably warm, clean out your gutters and hoses.
  5. Have your roof inspected to see if it’s storm-ready and repair any leaks you may have put off over the summer.

You will also want to prepare for winter storms by turning your house into a safe haven in case disaster strikes. Be sure to gather emergency supplies in an easy-to-locate place so that you or your family can reach them quickly if necessary. These items should include nonperishable food as well as battery-operated flashlights. This is also a good place to store an extra first-aid kit, any extra medications you may have, and any baby supplies you might need.

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