How Slomin's Helps Protect Against Fire and Carbon Monoxide

What sets centrally-monitored systems apart from DIY systems and battery-operated smoke detectors – and what makes the extra cost worth it - is that Slomin's helps protect your home from fire or carbon monoxide even when you’ve disarmed the rest of your system.  After all, the emergency signal between your system and our central station remains intact 24/7/365.

Non-monitored systems might seem appealing to consumers because they provide users with the autonomy to arm their security system based on how vulnerable they feel, but, customers can find themselves at serious risk if they forget to turn their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors back on.

Slomin's Carbon monoxide fire

By providing monitoring to your home, Slomin's purpose is to protect you from a variety of crises and to provide you with help should an emergency situation arise.  An alarm signal from your home to our central monitoring station allows us to immediately dispatch an emergency response team if we sense a fire or carbon monoxide emergency.

As the “silent killer,” carbon monoxide has no color, shape, scent, or sound and can creep out of a heating unit or car when you least expect it.  Worst of all, carbon monoxide is lethal after as few as a couple of minutes should it reach the central nervous system or the heart.

Likewise, battery-operated smoke detectors cannot alert you if a fire happens when no one is home.  By the time your neighbors see the smoke, your home and belongings will have undergone significant damage.  An emergency demands an immediate response from local authorities in order to truly protect the people and things you value.

At Slomin’s, it all comes down to monitoring.  Who’s watching your home when you’re not home?  Your home and family are far too important to leave unattended – learn more about our centrally-monitored carbon monoxide, fire alarms, or any of our other protective services here.

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