10 Ways to keep the heat OUT and the A/C IN this season!

central air conditioning

Don't have a central air conditioner? You're in luck! Check out everything you need to know right here!

1. First things first: make sure you change your air filters! The longer you go without changing them, the worse your A/C’s airflow will be. We recommend setting a monthly reminder on your calendar to check your air filter.

2. Keep your vents clear and open (even in rooms you don’t use a lot). It’s a common misconception that closing off vents will save you money. By doing this, you’re increasing pressure in the air ducts which in time could cause air leaks in the system. Let your system run the way it was intended to for the best and most inexpensive results.

3. Check your A/C condenser for unwanted debris. These don’t need to be cleaned as often as the air filter, but they definitely need some love and care. We suggest checking the condenser twice a year, once before the season starts, and once after to make sure everything is still running smoothly. The best way to be sure your condenser is working at 100% is to call in a professional team for cleaning and inspection. 

4. Take a look at that little switch on your ceiling fans and make sure they are rotating counter-clockwise. This will push the air down and make your air conditioner more effective.

5. See if your windows and doors need new weather seals. It’s the little things that sometimes have the most impact, make sure they aren’t cracked or dried. A roll of weather stripping is relatively inexpensive and will save you more than it’s worth!

6. Set your thermostat to cool when you know you will be home. With Slomin’s home automation, this is no problem! When you install the thermostat you have two options, you can easily program it for your daily schedule, or you can download our app and set the temperature remotely (this works especially well for those with sporadic schedules).

7. Do you know where all your thermostats are located? Are there any heat sources near them? If so, it might be a good time to move them, the thermostat will detect that the house is hotter than it is and work overtime when it doesn’t have to.

8.  If you can, start changing the hours you run your dryer and dishwasher. By running them at night you can prevent them from heating up your house when the sun is out. Also, if you are on a special energy tariff using appliances like that at night are cheaper in cost.

9. Incandescent light bulbs give off about 90% heat and 10% light. By changing over to fluorescent bulbs you’ll be saving on your bill in two ways!

10. Last but not least, try to shade the windows that are in the suns path throughout the day. Those sun rays add a lot of unwanted heat to your home, using shades or blinds can greatly reduce the use of your air conditioner during those extra hot hours.

BONUS TIP: Summers are for grilling! Try to keep the cooking outside when possible, heating up your oven will definitely make your house hotter. Why do you think they coined the phrase “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen?”