Consider Slomin’s Home Security System this Holiday Season


The planning. The feasting. The gatherings of family and friends. We look forward to the holidays and that time of year when everyone puts aside their day to day responsibilities to reconnect with each other. The long Thanksgiving weekend spent stuffing ourselves, swapping stories and lively conversations during the game. Actually seeing for ourselves how much the little ones have grown and catching up with everyone are just a few blessings of the holiday season. However, it is impossible to be both at home and away. How do you know that your house is secure when you are not home? The Federal Bureau of Investigation notes a spike in burglaries in November and December. Even more troubling is that more than 85 percent of burglaries go unsolved nationwide. Take the necessary steps to ensure your family’s safety and the security of your belongings with a home security system.

Home security systems include sensors as the most basic component. Sensors at windows and doors can let homeowners know of any disturbance around the perimeter of the home. A monitored system alerts the monitoring center. This monitoring center will contact authorities and the homeowner of a possible break in. Once installed, security sensors with a monitoring center provides homeowners the assurance that someone else is watching out for the home, family and possessions while they are away.

A wireless alarm system is one of the more advanced options. With your ‘wired’ home alarms, a potential burglar can cut the wires and gain access to your home and go undetected by the system in place. A wireless system has no wires to cut; many of these systems have apps that can be downloaded which allow homeowners to monitor, receive messages, and make changes to the condition of the home while away. Turn on the lights with the push of a button. The car is packed, the kids are in, but did your remember to lock all of the doors? Check the status while traveling. Wireless systems with the new home alarm system apps make it easy to monitor the security at home.

Home security systems are also useful for changes in the environment. Fires, floods and more can be detected with sensors that alert homeowners to the presence of smoke, deadly gas emissions or rising waters. Cameras, live feeds, and instant alerts keep families safe and in the know during the busy holiday season.

Consider Slomin’s Home Security System this Holiday Season
(and every season!)