5 Ways To Increase the Security of Your Garage


A stronger garage door is one that holds up under serious security tests. A lot can go into achieving a high-security standard with a garage door. Here are five of the best ways to improve the strength of your garage door security.


1. Sturdy Materials


Every garage door is not created equal. The material used to construct the garage door will determine the base level of security you are working with. The consideration to purchase a door with better construction will usually come when you are initially looking for a new garage door.


It is possible to strengthen an existing garage door, but this type of work should be done by a professional. Adding more material, or making structural changes to the door will affect the weight of the door, requiring a litany of subsequent changes to tracks, springs, motors, etc.


2. Emergency Cord Protection


On motorized garage doors, it is common to have an emergency cord installed. This cord releases the door so that it can be moved manually without the use of the electric motor. This precaution is extremely important during emergencies and power outages, but it also leaves the garage vulnerable to unauthorized entry.


With just a length of wire, most garages can be opened from outside by hooking this cord and pulling it. With a zip tie on metal latch the cord is moving, you can require more pressure to release the door. This type of pressure is not possible to exert with a wire from outside of the garage, but it will allow you to pull directly down on the cord and release the door in an emergency. You can also take steps to seal the gaps between the garage door and the garage walls.


3. Secure Alternate Entrances


Many people that attempt to strengthen their garage door neglect the other ways into the structure. You are not just diminishing the strength of your garage door by not focusing on other entrances, you are effectively negating the strength of your garage door entirely.


Make sure that any window glass is protected with security films that reduce the fragility of the panes. Any glass on the garage can potentially be smashed allowing full entry, or enough of a gap to reach in and grab something of value. Also be sure to check other doors and the state of windows during routine garage maintenance. Utilizing a Slomin’s home security system is also a great way to keep alternate entrances secure. A system such as this will help alert you to any intrusions.


4. Visual Obscurity


One of the best ways to strengthen the security of your garage door is to keep it from ever being targeted. This can easily be done by keeping the garage door shut as often as possible. Do not show off what you are storing in the garage to anyone that is walking through the neighborhood.


Keeping your garage door shut also gives you the full strength of its security. When the door is up, you are also exposing your property to crimes of opportunity such as snatch and grabs. At the same time, an open garage can invite vandalism and even pests.


5. Redundant Locks


Locks should be utilized whenever possible. It is important not to rely solely on one lock. Most people with electric garage door openers do not use any additional locks on their garage doors. This is good for convenience, but it weakens the defenses of your garage door.


An old garage may also have locks already installed that have fallen apart due to neglect. With just a simple lock repair, these types of garage doors can have their strength increased by returning them to their past glory. Also, pairing your garage door lock with some of the best front door locks on the market, helps increase your overall home security and garage security.




There are many things to think about in terms of security. And there are certainly more ways to increase the strength of your garage door than those listed above, but by using all of the aforementioned methods, you will be far ahead of most other homeowners. Invest in great locks, and check out how a Slomin’s home security system can help you keep your garage, and your home, more secure.


Article courtesy of Ralph Goodman of Unitedlocksmith.net.  Follow Ralph on Twitter.